30 08 2010

Salaam all.

I pray that you are in the best of emaan and health in this blessed month.

Since 2004, by the Grace of Allah, LQE has been taking place every year. It has evolved in to being a well known community event gaining support not only from the community but also from various Scholars and Institutes. As the years went by the popularity of LQE grew, so too the demands of its audience. The average attendees to the event now approximate to 400 per night, 150 of whom are women.

This year…..

8th Annual Laylatul Qadr Event (LQE) 2010:

Theme: “Successful are the Muminoon”

21st Night (Mon 30 Aug)
“Those who guard their prayers and have ‘khushu’ therein”

23rd Night (Wed 1st Sep)
“Those who turn away from worthless talk”

25th Night (Fri 3rd Sep)
“Those who give charity”

27th Night (Sun 5 Sep)
“Those who guard their chastity”

29th Night (Tue 7 Sep)
“Those who honour their trusts and contracts”

Invited speakers:
Ustadh Abdul Aleem Alomgir Ali
Shiekh Abu Ahmed
Ustadh Uthman Lateef
Sheikh Abdullah Zain Al Abedin
Ustadh Nurudine Miladi

Muslim World League Mosque
46 Goodge St.
London W1T 4LU

11.45pm until Fajr.

Free Event for Brothers & Sisters.

FOR FULL INFORMATION Including Nightly Programme visit: http://www.lqe.org.uk

Get even more reward by forwarding to all your family & friends now…..

ws salaam



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