A small reminder……

24 02 2010

Assalaamu Alaykum,

“Even if it (the heart) attains all that it can enjoy of created things, it will not feel at peace or find tranquillity because it has an inheritent need for its lord…For if a person is helped to attain what he loves, seeks, desires and wants but he does not worship Allaah (swt), he will never Achieve anything but sorrow, regret and suffering. He can never be free of the pain and hardshipof this life except through loving Allaah (swt) sincerely, so that Allaah (swt) becomes his ultimate desire and he loves Him for what He is and he loves anyone or anything else only for His sake, and he does not love anything for its own sake except Allaah (swt). If he does not achieve this level of love, he has not properly understood the true meaning  لا إله إلاّ الله or of Tawheed or of ‘Ubudiyyah’ or of loving Allaah (swt). There is something lacking in his Eemaan and Tawheed and he will suffer pain, regret and anguish accordingly. (al-Ubudiyyah of ibn Taymiyyah (ra))



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