19 02 2010

Assalaamu alaykum wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakaatuhu O brothers and sisiters,

This is just a reminder for when you ask questions to the ustaadh via the blog (on the Q&A page), if your questions are not answered within 3-5 days of when they were asked……..ask them at the following lesson inshaa’Allaah.

We must remember that the ustaadh is a very busy person!

Also, I connot emphasise any more, the importance of everyone memorising the ahaadeeth we have covered thus far. Thats keep in mind the advise the ustaadh gave us all last week; the two extremes. I pray that we are not from these two extremes – Aameen.

Fulaan ibn Fulaan (on behalf of the ustaadh)




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